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Why Akothee fell out with Zari Hassan

Singer Esther Akothee recently addressed her falling out with South African socialite Zari Hassan.

Previously, the two women were close friends on social media with a knack for supporting and defending each other against trolls.

However, things changed after Zari’s visit to Kenya in 2019.

Akothee made the decision to unfollow Zari, and when questioned about it, she explained that she was tired of pretending that their friendship still existed.

On May 22, 2023, Akothee commented on the ongoing reality show, Young Famous and African, which features Zari and her ex-partner Diamond Platnumz.

She specifically mentioned Swanky Jerry, a renowned Nigerian celebrity fashion stylist, designer, and social influencer, describing him as the show itself.

Akothee found Swanky Jerry’s presence entertaining, noting that he has the ability to change the atmosphere when he enters a room.

She also praised his fashion sense and humor, emphasizing that his wit requires a certain level of intelligence.

In the comments section, Akothee’s fans also expressed their opinions about the show.

One fan commended Fantana for her diss towards Zari, saying, “But Fantana really put Zari in her place! Ouch, Zari got served!”

However, Akothee stepped in to defend Zari, stating that Fantana is a young girl who lacks respect and needs to mature.

She added, “You can never win a battle with a baby mama. I don’t approve of it. There’s no need for harsh words.”

In another comment, a fan directly asked Akothee to address her feud with Zari, mentioning their past close friendship and recalling instances where they defended each other.

Akothee playfully replied, “Are you trying to start a new show alongside Netflix? What specific details are you interested in knowing?”

Akothee and Zari’s feud escalated further when they both tied the knot in the same month. Akothee had a grand wedding at the Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club in Nairobi during the Easter holidays.

Within a week, reports surfaced that Zari also had her wedding just 48 hours after Akothee’s. Critics speculated that she succumbed to pressure and rushed into marriage.

Zari, however, strongly criticized those who claimed she got married due to peer pressure.

In a video posted on Snapchat, she expressed her frustration with the constant criticism she faced for simply living her own life.

“Why is it always a problem when it concerns me?” she questioned.

Zari asserted that she was following her own path and urged people to stop projecting their unhappiness onto her.

Addressing the notion that her marriage was a result of competition or external influence, Zari emphasized,

“Shakib didn’t wake up one day and decide to marry me because of pressure, just because someone else got married in another country. It’s not a competition. Was that the first person ever to get married?”

Zari’s wedding took place in South Africa.

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