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Why Akothee is not at peace with her siblings

Kenyan singer Akothee has left her fans guessing whether all is well in her family with a cryptic message on Instagram.

“Well there are those siblings who will constantly hurt you, cause you pain and feel like nothing happened cease and desist. Guard your peace. Sijataja mtu,” the self-proclaimed president of single mothers wrote.

“Kila mtu akae kwa mlango yake, aishi maisha yake. We are siblings by chance not by choice, but I choose peace any day,” said the Kula Ngoma na Mama Oyoo hit maker who is currently on a music tour of Canada.

In the past, Akothee has had differences with her sister Cebbie born Elseba Awuor Kokeyo. In their most recent fight, Akothee accused Cebbie of backstabbing her after a leaked conversation between the latter and a friend that was not in good light of the Hayakuhusu hit maker.

Akothee has also in the past posted about betrayal, with claims that her family members are took sides with her sister after the singer stopped giving them cash.¬†However, the two would make peace and be in each other’s lives all over again while showering praises on each other.