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Why Akothee ‘urgently’ wants to meet President Ruto

President William Ruto made a notable cultural statement on Tuesday as he donned traditional Maasai attire during the opening of the inaugural Maasai Cultural week in Narok.

The event, coinciding with the annual wildebeest migration, is taking place at Sekenani in the picturesque Maasai Mara region.

As President Ruto arrived in Narok for the ceremonial commencement of the cultural week, he was greeted by an enthusiastic reception committee that included Narok Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu, Jonathan Leleit of Samburu, and Ole Lenku of Kajiado.

To kick off the event, he embarked on a game drive-like vehicle alongside Governors Ntutu and Leleit, traversing the stunning landscapes of Maasai Mara.

What caught the attention of many was President Ruto’s subsequent transformation, as he swapped his maroon kaunda suit for a full set of traditional Maasai attire.

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The shift in wardrobe highlighted his respect for and immersion in the Maasai culture, resonating with the essence of the occasion.

The photo of President Ruto bedecked in Maasai regalia swiftly spread across social media platforms, capturing the imagination of Kenyans and sparking conversations about the country’s cultural diversity and tourism potential.

Singer Akothee through her Instagram page has expressed her excitement about the cultural significance of President Ruto’s photo.

Akothee envisioned the potential impact of a national cultural month that showcases the rich heritage of Kenya’s 47 different dialects, history, culture, and cuisine.

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“This photo has killed it his Excellency, just imagine if we can have a Kenyan national cultural month and have all dignitaries,” Akothee said.

“The rich culture we have in our county is to die for. Let us Embrace it. If this is documented and shared with the whole world, the Kenyan tourism sector will take a different turn,” she went on.

Akothee also shared her experience of being let go from the Talanta Hela initiative along with other nominees, without any prior notice.

“Give me 30 minutes in your office, and I’ll explain how we can move forward. I was part of the Talanta Hela initiative, but we were unexpectedly released from the project.”

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