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Why all Harambee Starlets are in self-quarantine

March 25th, 2020 1 min read

Football Kenya Federation’s vice-president Doris Petra has opened up on the challenges of self-quarantine.

She said the isolation and boredom associated with it isn’t an experience you would wish on your enemy.

Petra has been forced into an isolation period of two weeks as per a government directive after she recently led the delegation of the national women football team to compete at an international tournament in Turkey.

Similarly, all the players and members of the technical bench led by coach David Ouma have retreated to self-quarantine.

“This quarantine is necessary but it’s killing me before the (corona)virus,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I thank all those who have called or sent an SMS to check on me. I don’t take it for granted. (I) am praying for all my friends, relatives and enemies. May God protect us all. May God give long life to the entertainment industry you make life at such times worthwhile. To my true friends be blessed more.”

And in a related development, Nairobi News understands a member of Harambee Starlets technical bench is reported to have checked into hospital after he fell in.

He has been tested for coronavirus and is awaiting the results.