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Why Amber Ray chose natural birth and her desires to have more kids

Celebrated socialite Amber Ray recently shed light on her decision to opt for natural childbirth for both of her children.

The mother of two also revealed her aspiration to expand her family and become a mother of five during an interview with Eric Omondi’s partner, Lynne.

Amber Ray shared her choice for natural childbirth and her hope to have two more children, emphasizing the factors that influenced her decisions.

“I opted for natural birth for both of my pregnancies. During my first pregnancy, I couldn’t afford a cesarean section (CS), and my labor wasn’t prolonged,” she revealed.

Elaborating on her preference for natural childbirth, Amber Ray highlighted the quick recovery and the ability to return to a normal routine as significant advantages.

“After a natural birth, once the baby is delivered, you tend to forget the pain. It was also easier for me to regain my pre-pregnancy shape. While I had other options, I chose to avoid a CS because I didn’t want to be restricted at home or have limitations on what I could do,” she explained.

Amber Ray recounted her childbirth experiences, explaining that she had to be induced at one point during labor.

“I didn’t labor for two hours. I started experiencing contractions around 5:00 pm, and by 9:00 pm, I was admitted to the hospital. Strangely, my labor pains disappeared once I was admitted. The doctor decided to induce labor, and barely two hours later, I welcomed my baby into the world. It was challenging and painful, and I even had a tear that needed to be stitched.”

Amber Ray described the traumatic nature of her first childbirth experience, particularly due to the tearing she experienced.

“During my first pregnancy, I suffered a severe tear, and the anesthesia injections weren’t effective. I was told they couldn’t administer more injections as it would exceed the safe dosage. At one point, I had to be stitched up, and the process was excruciating. Thankfully, I recovered within two weeks.”

Expressing her desire to have a larger family, Amber Ray confessed:

“I would like to be a mother of five, but I am aware that time is catching up with me. I don’t want to give birth at an older age; I want to enjoy life with my children.”

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