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Why are the new notes getting ‘old’ so fast? Kenyans have their say

It is now four months since the unveiling of the new generation banknotes by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

But the new notes, which at the beginning dazzled Kenyans for their colourful and sleek appearance, seem to have already lost their fresh lustre.

The Sh50 note is pink in color and bears images that symbolise green energy at the back, while the Sh100 note, which is purple in colour, bears agriculture related images.

Sh200 note – blue in colour – bear images of social services, the Sh500, which is green in colour, bears the tourism images while the highest denomination of the Sh1,000 note – brown in color – bears governance-related images.

The Central Bank of Kenya, Governor Patrick Njoroge explained that most African nations handle their currency harshly, hence the decision to do away with the white colour, which was prominent in most of the old generation notes.

But it appears even the new notes are easily worn out as per the findings of most Kenyans.

The new Sh50 and Sh100 notes have so far been the most affected by wear and tear.

This observation has also been shared by none other than CBK itself.

“In the first few months, our new banknotes are going through a rather rough ‘initiation’. But we hope that Kenyans will handle the currency properly,” CBK tweeted.

CBK’s, explanation however, was not plausible for Kenyans on Twitter.

“For something made that is intended to pass through several hands over its lifetime… THIS IS LAME!” said @maverickenyan.

“Don’t you know Kenyans? One of the best way for them to differentiate fake currency from real ones is by taking the note though a ‘crumble test’!” wrote @mista_obara.

“I am sure you did NOT think of that when who to award the tender was the only concern you had. Wacheni upuzi nyinyi,” commented @AmondiNereah.

“Have you seen a dirty 500 note… Get ready for reprinting,” tweeted @nyakomalo.

“The new currency is just so poor quality. Afadhali ya kitambo,” said @Alisonj.