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Why are there so many Nairobi women hitting on fellow women?

By MERCY NJOKI August 24th, 2015 2 min read

The notion that lesbianism is a fad for young teenagers experimenting with their sexuality is fading fast. Apparently it is a growing trend in Nairobi, with women of all ages aggressively going on the prowl for other women.

Surprising, some of them still espouse the rude tactics long associated with their male counterparts including ogling, groping of breasts and bums in washrooms, stalking on social media, financial endearments and even rape.

Jane, a 25-year-old resident of Nairobi is yet to absorb what she terms as the shock of her life from a lady who had recently sat next to in a matatu.

“She told me that she liked my hair and asked for my number so that I could direct her to the salonist who had made my hair. After a few days chatting about the salon, the lady told me she wanted to ask me a big question. ‘Can we make out?’ was the question. I was shocked and told her that ‘I don’t roll that way’,” she says.

Jane admits that the offer stoked some ‘curiosity’ in her, although she is not keen to satisfy it.

And these women are everywhere and anywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes.

You get into a washroom in a club and they come following you, declaring how irresistible your breasts are.

Others send you photos of themselves naked with captions like, “baby, wouldn’t you want to eat me whole?”

Graycee Rita Amondi expressed her fears on a popular Nairobi Facebook group. “Who has ever been terrorised by lesbians like me, from FB to IG to maneiba na clubs? Once a woman offered me a vacation to a place of my choice nikimkubali, gifts nazo hazikubaki nyuma shoes, dresses, cologne n she was even driving a Range too bad am damn straight. What do they look for before waanze kukatia MTU. I’ve encountered more than 20 (sic),” wrote Rita.

After Rita posted this, people went on to narrate their experiences with lesbians.

Yvonne Ivy Chachaka wrote: “When I hear about lesbians, hair on the back of my neck one in sauna begged for a kiss. my only best friend at campus almost raped me..its just pure evil to me (sic).”

Liz Muraya added: “ I thought I was the only one. I even got kidnapped. Since I was in high school. The trauma I have gone through. Up till now I dnt keep close girlfriends (sic).”

Another ‘hunting’ ground for the lesbians is WhatsApp groups. In one instance, a vicious hunter was kicked out of a group after she hit on a number of ladies of an alumni association.