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Why Atheists organization wants DCI to arrest controversial Pastor Ng’ang’a

The Kenyan atheist community has urged the Criminal Investigation Department (DCI) to take legal action against Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelical church.

The community, led by chairman Harrison Mumia, expressed their concerns through a media letter published on their official page, condemning the pastor’s actions.

The controversy surrounds a video clip in which Pastor Ng’ang’a is seen mocking a believer who offered 500 shillings.

The atheists argue that such behavior goes against moral standards, accusing the pastor of resembling a fundraiser more than a spiritual leader.

“We want the DCI to arrest Pastor James Ng’ang’a, who we see as a fundraiser and a crook. Pastor Ng’ang’a has had the habit of robbing unsuspecting believers and taking money from them by force, hiding behind the name of God and the Bible.

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His window is the hopeless and the poor… he uses fake miracles and lies about the unsubstantiated actions of the Holy Spirit,” the statement read.

The atheists further highlighted their concern about Pastor Ng’ang’a allegedly taking advantage of vulnerable individuals by promising them miraculous blessings without substance.

They emphasized that fraud in any form should not be tolerated in Kenya and urged all Kenyans to distance themselves from the controversial pastor and his church.

This comes a few days after the Neno Evangelism Centre preacher, Pastor Ng’ang’a was seen in a viral video selling papers to his congregants.

In a viral video, Ng’ang’a takes plain papers and tears them into pieces, humorously declaring to his followers that these torn bits are equivalent to money.

He  goes on and encourages them to “buy” the pieces of paper from him, instructing them to write the current date on the fragments when they get home.

Amidst the excitement of his followers scrambling to acquire the torn papers, Ng’ang’a bursts into laughter.

“Hizi ni pesa, hizi ni milioni moja….Hizi nauza….Ukifika nyumbani andika tarehe ya leo” (These are money, these are one million…I am selling these…When you get home, write today’s date).

Throughout the video, the preacher continues to laugh while selling the torn pieces, and his followers eagerly come forward with various amounts of cash to purchase Ng’ang’a’s unconventional paper currency.