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Why begging for money during early stages of relationship might be a deal-breaker

While it’s often joked that one way to test a man’s interest is to ask him for money and favors, many women have potentially missed out on good potential partners due to the habit of seeking financial assistance from anyone who shows interest in them.

Nairobians have mastered the art of begging for money.

In the current dating landscape, some women feel that it’s quite expensive to date them.

As soon as a man expresses interest, they may suddenly present themselves as destitute, with claims of being fatherless, motherless, homeless, foodless, and facing various other hardships.

This behavior can be a deal-breaker for many men who perceive it as women not being interested in them but only in their financial resources.

Michael Msundi, a resident of Nairobi, expresses his reservations about women asking for money, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

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While he’s open to spoiling his partner, he believes some women go overboard, creating extensive lists of financial demands, from rent to nail expenses to constant Uber rides, which can become financially burdensome.

“Dating a Nairobi woman requires stamina, if you don’t have money better look for one from the village who has few demands and is a bit reserved, the ones in Nairobi ask for money boldly without fear,” Msundi told Nairobi News.

Mercy Anyango, another Nairobi resident, shares her perspective, stating that women often use the strategy of asking for money and favors to deter men who are not willing to invest financially in the relationship.

She believes it’s a waste of time to be with a man who can’t meet one’s financial needs.

Some men turn to social media to express their frustration when women promise to visit them but later make excuses and waste their resources.

Others seek relationships with women from rural areas, believing them to be more economically manageable compared to what they call “the modern woman” who frequently requests financial assistance without reciprocating.

This situation has led many men to generalize and label all women as gold diggers, while women have labeled men who refuse to provide financial favors as stingy. It’s essential for both parties to align their expectations and financial contributions to their respective capabilities.