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Why blaming women for some men’s sudden deaths is ignorant and unjust

By Winnie Mabel February 8th, 2024 2 min read

Woe unto some of you, women, if your partner dies suddenly and he was known to be in good health and high spirits prior to his death. In some walks of life, such women- girlfriends and wives- tend to bare the brunt of suspicion and blame if their men die in their vicinity or hours after being spotted together.

This blame game- arising from misconceptions about women’s influence in romantic relationships, how some women are toxic and manipulative therefore capable of contributing to a partner’s death or the need to blame someone as people try to make sense of the tragic death-  is unfairly assigned to women. And it mostly arises out of personal prejudices. You did not like how she talks, so she has something to do with the death. Maybe she used witchcraft to kill him?…You did not like her interacting with a certain man, so she killed her man to be with the other one.

All without proof.

Assigning women the blame for their men’s deaths is backward thinking- especially when she literally had nothing to do with the death and is proven by relevant authorities. It is best suited to the stone age, not the 21st century! This mindset is dangerous to women. It is manipulative and ignores the complexities of life and death which are out of anyone’s control.

In some cases, blaming women for the death of their romantic partners is not a genuine belief but rather a malicious act aimed at trolling or causing them harm. These individuals may engage in such behavior to provoke a reaction, stir up controversy or simply to be cruel. This is insensitive and deeply hurting to those who are grieving!

Such blame games exploit women in vulnerable moments for the sake of short lived amusement on social media or malicious intent. This blame leaves such women nursing feelings of guilt over something they had no control over, shame and worthlessness because no one has empathy or compassion for her following the loss of her lover.

Psychologically, these women end up leading bitter lives because of the frustration and anger of being unfairly blamed, they become emotionally distressed- and may end up seeking treatment for depression and anxiety if the blame game does not end fast- and in the end, face social isolation because they are misunderstood and constantly insulted over something they did not do.

Blaming a woman for her man’s sudden demise is archaic. We are an educated and enlightened society to know to wait for investigations before speculating about causes of death. We are a more informed society than previous generations to know people can die suddenly or can choose to stop breathing without being coerced.

Blaming a woman for such deaths because you have biases against them, or don’t know how to channel and vent your anger and grief following a sudden death is uncalled for. You blame her today, what if the tables were turned and you were in her position next?

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