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Why cheap gas is very expensive

Cheap cooking gas is becoming very expensive for city dwellers.

Crooked suppliers are using compressors and valves to refill cylinders halfway then selling them at Sh150 cheaper.

Move on to another seller if yours offers dented cylinders or those with damaged collar rims.

That indicates they were not recently inspected.

Authentic ones should have a test date engraved on the collar rim, a new sticker from the supplier, as well as a branded seal.

Proper handling of cylinders is stipulated in the Occupation and Safety Health Act of 2007.

According to the Act, every cylinder when manufactured or sold, must be covered by the manufacturer’s test certificate showing compliance with safety and health standards.

It also says the compliance certificate shall be obtained during the entire life of the cylinder from owner to retailer.

“I get supplies from a depot in the estate. I prefer the depot because of its proximity to my business and the cylinders there are cheaper,” said Josh, a retailer in Donholm.

Like many other smallholder LPG retailers, Josh displays his merchandise in an open space next to residential buildings.

This, according to experts, is wrong given the explosive nature of their content.

The cylinders should be stored in metal cages in a controlled zone to minimise damage in case of an accident.

“Putting cylinders in the sun is courting death and chances for loss of life are increased if they are placed next to residential buildings,” said an expert who sought anonymity.