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Why city moms are impressed by domestic workers after the holiday season

Nairobi mothers are a happy lot and they cannot stop comparing the gifts they received from their domestic workers who have returned from up country after the holiday season.

A number of the city moms have taken to Kilimani Mums Facebook page to share pictures and compare notes on  what they have received from their returning house helps.

From chicken to ground nuts, it seems the domestic workers were out to impress their bosses. And they did it in style.


“My DM landed this morning and in style, if this are not blessings then what are they?” one Lilian Li posted alongside a picture of a chicken and a suck that appeared to contain maize.

Another impressed employer added that her domestic worker brought her 10kg of ground nuts, green banana’s and a cockerel. “I thank God for her,” she said.

“Wangu pia aliingia vivyo, hivyo. Kwanza kuku alileta ilitega mayai kweli kweli until jana tukaamua kuikula,” (Mine arrived the same way and the chicken she brought has been laying eggs until yesterday when we decided to slaughter it), Norah N Kang’ara wrote.

Nairobians are known to return to the city after the festive season loaded with all manners of goodies from up country, with chicken, grains and fruits a favourite for many of the city dwellers.