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Why Club Tribeka has closed its doors to revellers

By Mercy Wahito November 8th, 2019 1 min read

A popular clubbing spot in the Nairobi central business district been closed. Club Tribeka Lounge, situated on Banda Street, has been shut for renovations, according to its management.

This contradicts widespread social media reports that it has been permanently closed down due to mismanagement.

A notice by the Urban Planning Compliance and Enforcement Department of the Nairobi City County confirms that the premises will be under renovation.

“Authority is hereby granted to carry out the above maintenance works on the referenced plot subject to you having received consent for the same from the landlord…” reads the notice in part.

However, there were reports that the club had been shut down after a fallout between the directors.

A waitress who works at the club had revealed that she had not been paid for three months despite working for the club for seven years. She also revealed that there were plans to take the club to the labour court but their plans did not work out.

The claims arose after its sister clubs Natives, Zodiac, Farenheit and Rafikiz wound up few months ago. The four were run by the the same management. Efforts to reach the directors have proven to be futile.