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Why comedian Oga Obinna says he couldn’t get a date with Amber Ray

In the dating world, rejection is an inevitable part of the game. And for Kenyan comedian Thomson Maghana, better known as Oga Obinna, the one lady who has evaded his dating hook is none other than Amber Ray.

The stunning model artist, who is currently in a relationship with Kennedy Rapudo, apparently turned down Obinna’s advances, citing that he couldn’t meet her standards.

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Despite trying his luck with other ladies, Obinna claims that Amber Ray is the only one who has given him the cold shoulder.

“Amber Ray is the only woman I can attest declined my dating proposal. She said I will not meet her class,” Obinna said in a video.

He explained, “I respect Amber Ray and her boyfriend; however, I did not commit myself that much to convince her.”

However, the comedian holds no grudges and respects her and her boyfriend’s relationship. He admitted that he didn’t commit enough to convince her and decided to let things go after weighing his level against hers.

“At times you have to gauge yourself…You look at a person then to yourself and make a decision,” he said.

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But Obinna doesn’t want to be the only one to bear the brunt of rejection. He’s calling on any woman who has turned him down to come out and admit it.

“I am a father of four. Hao watoto niliwaokota kweli? (Do you think I collected them from thin air?)” posed the entertainer, who proudly posts pictures of his kids on social media.

While Obinna may have his fair share of online trolls, he doesn’t let it get to him.

As he puts it, “a fruitful tree is thrown stones at because of its fruits.” And with four kids to care for, he has more important things to focus on than a few negative comments.

“My county representatives. Luironne, Brianna, Damilola and Adason. This is why I’m blessed. I take care of them and many others in orphanages who aren’t related to me and God really does ‘revenge’ by taking care of me too. Father Abraham,” the comedian who hails from Kakamega County, posted on January 31, 2019.

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