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Why DCI arrested prophet who wanted to meet President Ruto

Police in Homa Bay have arrested a cleric who wanted to meet President William Ruto to advise him on how the leader can run the country.

The cleric, identified as Joseph Chenge, is being held at Mbita police station after being arrested on Wednesday night along with eleven members of his church.

He is the founder and leader of Jerusalem Mowar Church, based in Lambwe.

His video has been circulating online in which he speaks in tongues and claims to have a prophecy to deliver a message to President Ruto.

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Police arrested him at his church in Ruri East Sub-location, Mbita Sub-County after his message to the Head of State went viral.

Police were concerned about some of the activities Mr Chenge was engaged in at the church.

According to Homa Bay Directorate of Criminal Investigations Commander Abed Kavoo, the clergyman was involved in questionable religious practices and teachings.

He was also accused of detaining the Pope in his church.

Police said some of those detained there were sick and in need of medical care.

Mr Chenge allegedly prayed for them in an attempt to heal them.

Mr Kavoo said some of those detained could have had their normal thinking altered by the clergy’s teachings.

Preliminary investigations have also revealed that the church is unregistered.

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Mr Kavoo said this was against the law.

“His church is operating without valid registration documents. He is also detaining patients in his church and yet he is not a medical practitioner,” he said.

Mr Chenge was detained so that the police could question him.

Investigators want to know the truth about his church’s activities.

A total of 12 people from the church were detained at the police station.

Among them are six pastors.

Mr Chenge had told journalists that he wanted to meet the president within 21 days of 13 May.

He said the meeting would be private and that they would discuss issues affecting the country and how to address them.

“God spoke to me through the Holy Spirit because I am a prophet. I was afraid but God came to me three times with the same message when I decided to act,” said Prophet Chenge.

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