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Why Diamond Platnumz sacked bodyguard who knew all his secrets

Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz has fired his most trusted bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter, who is reported to have complained of mistreatment by the bongo star.

Mwarabu had been Diamond’s bodyguard for the last five years, accompanying him to most of his music concerts around the world and secretive events in his personal life.

For weeks now, unconfirmed reports from Tanzania have claimed that Mwarabu had long been relieved of his duty after he complained of being mistreated by his boss.

Tanzanian blogs claimed that Mwarabu had been AWOL in three key events that Diamond attended last month in Dar es Salaam.


The reports claimed that Diamond decided to relieve Mwarabu of his duties after he learnt that the well built bodyguard had complained on the manner that he handles him.

Mwarabu reportedly complained to Rayvannys’ manager Makame (Each Wasafi signed artiste has a manager assigned to them) that he never gets time to rest and do his own thing, always accompanying Diamond even to functions that don’t necessarily need his services.

Makame is said to have taken the complaints to Diamond and the artiste was not happy at all.

Since then, Diamond chose to give Mwarabu days off and has been ignoring him.

Mwarabu was recently involved in a grisly road accident that saw him admitted in hospital.

Mwarabu Fighter while undergoing treatment after the accident. PHOTO | COURTESY
Mwarabu Fighter while undergoing treatment after the accident. PHOTO | COURTESY

He later disclosed that he didn’t receive any financial assistance from Diamond and Wasafi team to offset his medical bill at Muhibiri Hospital.


“Saying I have been neglected (by Wasafi team) could be a harsh tone, however the truth of the matter is that I haven’t received any form of assistance from Diamond or WCB. Maybe they are in the process of doing so however I am not sure about that. For now I have my struggles all alone and I thank God am doing well” Mwarabu said after being discharged.

“What people don’t know is that I was relieved of my duties a long time ago. I was told to stay home until such a time I will be summoned, so basically currently am not his bodyguard” he added.