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Why Diamond’s right-hand man crossdressed in dera

By Neema Amani October 8th, 2023 2 min read

Tanzanian singer Mbosso has reacted after fans grilled him after stepping out in a “dera” during the Wasafi Festival in Mbeya where he was headlining the show.

The unusual fashion choice stirred curiosity and raised eyebrows, leaving fans questioning the reason behind his unconventional wardrobe selection.

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Mbosso, who is known for his stylish and trendy appearance, appeared on stage wearing a bright yellow “dera,” complemented by white sneakers and white sunglasses.

The attire was a stark departure from his usual stage outfits, which typically feature contemporary and fashionable clothing.

When questioned about his choice of clothing, Mbosso responded candidly, suggesting that he wouldn’t recommend such attire for everyday wear, especially on the streets.

“Mtaani nitagombana na watu. Hata mimi sishauri watu wavae mtaani. Sisi wenyewe tunavaa kwa ajili ya show, ubunifu kidogo,” Mbosso explained in Swahili.

Translated to English, this means, “I would argue with people in the streets if I dressed like that. I wouldn’t advise people to wear such outfits in their daily lives. We wear these kinds of clothes for shows, as a way of expressing a bit of creativity.”

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When asked whether he would consider launching a collection of such attires, Mbosso admitted that he had not yet thought about such a venture, leaving fans to speculate on whether this unusual fashion choice would become a trend or remain a one-time experiment.

Aside from his fashion statement, Mbosso has also faced criticism for smoking on stage, despite previously disclosing that he has been battling health issues.

In September 2022, the singer revealed that he had been diagnosed with heart-related problems, shedding light on his health challenges.

“When I was entering the industry, my bosses and leaders thought there were substances I was using due to my tremors. I tried to seek medical help, but they told me it’s a congenital condition, so I cannot be cured,” he said.

Furthermore, Mbosso disclosed that his health issues were attributed to blocked blood vessels caused by fat accumulation.

The singer explained that medical professionals had informed him that his condition might worsen after the age of 30, potentially affecting his ability to have children without treatment.

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