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Why Diana Marua no longer follows Bahati’s baby mama on IG

In the past three weeks, Singer Bahati’s rapper wife Diana Marua, and baby mama Yvette Obura have given their social media in-laws reason to be concerned about their relationship.

A crosscheck by Nairobi News confirms the two women no longer follow each other on Instagram, something the rapper’s fans were quick to notice as she constantly shared photos and videos of them together on her page, which she’s since seized.

The content creator, judging by her page, even went to the extent of deleting their photos and videos together and then unfollowed her.

Not done, Diana aka Diana B went further to delete a certain YouTube video she had done with Yvette some time back. Word on the street is that the two had a nasty fallout and can no longer see eye to eye.

Among other speculations, netizens are of the opinion that the two women, both of whom bore children for singer Bahati are having conflict because of the singer’s attention. Others speculate that the two could also be chasing clout as Diana prepares to deliver her third child, or rather set to release a song.

Diana and Yvette have maintained a cordial relationship fever since it was made public that Yvette sired Bahati’s child, Mueni. 

A few months ago, Diana was on the spot after a few of her fans were of the opinion that she should not have a close relationship with her husband’s baby mama as she will come to regret it. 

The fans insinuated that her acts of kindness towards Yvette only encouraged her to continue warming up to Bahati and she would eventually end up having Yvette sire another kid for her husband.

The fan who made a comment on Diana’s video of Yvette and her daughter Heaven having a good time wrote;

“Diana, I repeat you will regret it just a matter of time, her second born will be Bahati’s kid once again.”

Diana, however, swiftly countered her fan saying; “Kila mtu afagie kwake. Watoto ni baraka ama? (Let everyone clean his or her own house. And children are blessings by the way).

In another video, Diana and Yvette opened up about their co-parenting journey with the latter revealing that it took her four years to move on and eventually get over her grudge against Bahati and Diana.

Speaking on Diana’s Youtube channel, she said the healing process was rough since their daughter Mueni was a year old and she was still battling postpartum depression.

After the breakup, Yvette said that Bahati was quick to move on and she only found out about Diana Marua through social media when he introduced her as his ‘prayer partner’.

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