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Why Didmus Barasa is ‘donating’ Sh1million salary to his constituents

Kilimili MP Didmus Barasa has promised to donate his salary for the month of September to his constituents saying he does not deserve the money since he never worked.

Mr Barasa made the statement via his Twitter handle.

“My people of Kimilili, you voted for me and I appreciate. Since you voted, there’s nothing I have done for you. I don’t deserve any salary so the Sh1 million I will receive, I’ll bring it to you. If you see me in Kimilili come take it and share,” he tweeted.

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Last month, the second-term MP accused the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) teachers of milking parents off their resources in the name of learning. He vowed to ensure that CBC is abolished.

“Children have slaughtered their parents’ chicken. Teachers tell their students to come with chickens so as to study the inner parts and after studies, the teacher goes home with the chicken. Now there are no hens in homesteads,” he said.

His sentiments angered Bungoma teachers with the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) officials dismissing the remarks as untrue.

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Mr Barasa has a murder case in court following the fatal shooting of his main opponent’s aide on the night of the of August 9 after Kenyans went to the polls. The MP was implicated in the shooting of the late Brian Olunga at Chebukhwabi Primary School in Kibingei ward.

He would then engage police officers in a cat and mouse game before surrendering himself to the police days later. After his arrest, Mr Barasa claimed the deceased was part of a hit squad deployed from Nairobi and was killed by a stray bullet.

The MP’s lawyer, Dr John Khaminwa, said his client had been branded a murderer without due process being followed thus prejudicing his right to fair trial.

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