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Why Ezekiel Mutua has picked a fight with Mutoko, Ngunyi

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) chief executive Ezekiel Mutua has trained his cross-hairs at media personality Caroline Mutoko and political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi.

In a post on Facebook, the self-proclaimed moral policeman roasted the two for posting videos on their respective YouTube channels that fell short of basic tenets of journalism.

“Theirs is pathetic, debilitating armchair journalism that adds zero value to the national development agenda. For now let me deal with Caroline and her weekly rantings about the film industry in Kenya,” wrote Mr Mutua.

Ms Mutuko was last week  forced to issue an apology to KFCB after posting videos in which she attacked the board for letting Kenya lose out as a preferred filming destination.


“Please get some basics right madam: KFCB is the regulator of the film industry. KFC markets Kenya as a preferred filming destination. Chris Foot, of whom you speak with such adoration, is actually the one to respond to your questions about movies being taken away from Kenya,” Mr Mutua responded

He added that it hurts to see a journalist of Ms Mutoko’s calibre openly mislead the public on the performance of institutions.

“People like Mutoko can’t be part of this crusade and they are out to sabotage it.”

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