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Why Femi One is demanding an apology from rival rapper

Rapper Femi One, a prominent figure in the Kenyan music scene, has demanded an apology from a fellow rapper she accuses of insulting her.

On her Instagram account, she delivered a stern message, stating: “Nimenyamaza mkifanya shenanigans zenyu mkaona me ni Fala !!! Mnanizoea vibaya …you have 72 hours call me and apologize for it ama nimalize career yako.”

Accompanying her written message was a video in which Femi One expressed her frustration and called out the alleged offender. In the video, she questioned the motives behind the subliminal disses and urged the rival rapper to rethink their actions. “Wasanii mnanichekeshanga sana, mmemaliza kupimana nguvu? Na kung’ang’ania viti zilishaakaliwa? So mlidecide nani ako na misuli tinginya?” Femi One passionately questioned.

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Femi One’s plea for an apology was driven by a desire for the betterment of her fellow artiste’s career. She pointed out that the rival rapper was not currently reaping significant financial rewards from their music career, emphasizing the need for unity and mutual support within the industry. “Why would you want me to kill your career prematurely, I want the best for you, nataka umake doo, usikue mjinga,” Femi One stated emphatically.

The rapper, known for her lyrical prowess, left no room for negotiation. She warned, “you know when I diss anyone, there is no comeback, it’s either you leave music or change careers.” Her uncompromising stance underscores the seriousness of her demand for an apology.

Femi One concluded her video message with a final ultimatum, saying, “Call me personally, you apologize ama nitakurudisha ocha.” This unequivocal statement left no room for ambiguity, making it clear that she expected a prompt resolution to the matter.

Amid this controversy, Femi One continues to solidify her status as a dominant figure in the African music scene. Her recent achievement of receiving her second Afrimma nomination in the “Best Female Rap Act” category serves as a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft. Femi One’s influence and impact extend far beyond her music, as she fearlessly takes a stand against what she perceives as disrespect within the industry.

Femi One’s demand for an apology from a fellow rapper has sparked a significant conversation within the music community. Her passion for unity and support among artists is evident, and her stern warning carries weight. As she receives recognition for her outstanding contributions to the music industry, Femi One remains a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the stage.