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Why fewer Kenyans are going to church

Do you or don’t attend church?

What is your reason(s)?

Kenyans online have, as usual, had their say on this, amid changing times where the gospel word is easily accessible at the click of a button.

Some of the Christians, have shared reasons on social media as to why they are less enthusiastic about the prospect of going to church.

The risk of spread of Covid-19 is among the reasons, but not the only one.

Here are the other reasons.

“Kuitwa kondoo kila Sunday (Being referred to as sheep every Sunday),” said one online user.

“Kuamka mapema naharakisha kila kitu na bado nkifika church washaanza kuhubiri (I wake up early to prepare only to be late for the sermon),” wrote another online user.

“Tulimaliza syllabus ya Bible (We finished the Bible Syllabus),” commented one online user.

“Watu wengine kujifanya deputy Jesus (Some people (in church act as if they are Jesus’ Deputy),” remarked another online user.

“When it became Gospel industry and everything is about money,” stated one online user.

“When it’s all about money money. Kwanza si tunadaiwa 50M sijui za Nini (We are owed Sh50 million and I do not even know what the amount is for). Let me pray in private. Kama mungu yuko atanijibu (Idf there is a God he will listen),” said another online user.

“I couldn’t sit and get preached to by a preacher who is all over my inboxes ati anataka sexual affairs na Mimi (who inboxes me with sexual favours)…and he clearly knows I am married and he is married too…Mimi siwezi hubiriwa na yeye acha nijisomee Bible nyumbani (I rather read the Bible from home),” mentioned one online user.

“They keep on preaching money mpaka wanapeana certificates za kutoa (they even issue certificates),” said another online user.

“My village witches all attended our local church thus making them hinder my blessings… It’s been 16years with no regrets. Church is my heart.. All that matters to me is my relationship with my God,” wrote one online user.