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Why Fridah Kajala will not remove Wema Sepetu’s tattoo

Tanzanian actress Fridah Kajala has opened up on why she is not willing to remove Wema Sepetu’s tattoo.

Kajala made the revelation at the mother-and-daughter reality show in which she has been starring with Paula.

In the episode, Fridah shared she was planning to remove all her other tattoos except Wema’s.

She said the Wema tattoo on her back will remain since they have been through thick and thin together.

Even though their relationship was not all rosy, Fridah explained she still respects Wema.

“I have another tattoo that I value so much. It is the tattoo of Wema which I will not remove. We’ve been through so much together and the tattoo will remain there since she is someone I respect and love,” she said.

While Wema’s tattoo is not the only one on her body, Kajala remembered why she tattoed her body with her ex-lover Harmonize’s name saying by then she was so deep in love and will remove the tattoo.

“I will have to remove this tattoo. I did it out of love for someone,” she said as she showcased the letter ‘R’ she had inscribed on her left hand’s finger.

The letter ‘R’ symbolized Harmonize’s real name Rajab Abdul Kahali and she tatted herself at the same time Harmonize tattoed ‘K’ symbolizing Kajala.

The tattoos which the then-two love birds inked on their bodies were after they rekindled their love months after a nasty public breakup.

This was after Harmonize was accused of preying on his lover’s daughter Paula. The Matatizo hitmaker would then do everything in his power to try and win her back and it paid off.

He tattoed Kajala and Paula’s face on his leg with the message, ‘I am sorry,’ erected a billboard, bought Range Rover, and even sang a song to her.

After they got back together, Harmonize popped the question. They would then split again with the Wapo hitmaker covering the leg tattoo with an image of Mt Kilimanjaro.

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