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Why Githunguri lawmaker Gathoni Wa Muchomba advocates for polygamy

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 12th, 2023 2 min read

Gathoni Wa Muchomba, the Member of Parliament representing Githunguri, has provided insights into her strong endorsement of polygamous marriages in Kenya.

The legislator has garnered attention for her vocal support of polygamy, particularly among well-off Kikuyu men, as a means to address fatherless households and curb social issues arising from absent fathers.

In a recent interview on Gukena FM, Gathoni Wa Muchomba delved into the challenges faced by children growing up without the presence of their fathers, emphasizing the need for alternative solutions.

“We have allowed certain traditions to overshadow our values. Presently, many children are growing up in homes without the guidance of their fathers, and this absence can drive them to seek ways to fill that void,” she said.

Drawing from her own experiences and research, Gathoni Wa Muchomba recounted her two-month study at Kamiti Prison, where she investigated the correlation between criminal behavior and single motherhood.

She said her findings revealed a direct link between crime and single parenthood, shedding light on the challenges faced by children growing up in fatherless homes.

She shared a poignant example, saying, “I encountered a child who told me they resorted to theft at a young age to fit in with classmates who enjoyed a better quality of life. It is a stark reminder that fatherless homes can push children towards desperate measures to bridge the gap.”

Despite being a Christian, Gathoni Wa Muchomba emphasized the importance of questioning certain aspects of Western influence on African culture.

She urged a critical examination of why African societies continue to carry the burdens introduced by colonialism and other foreign influences, suggesting that not all foreign ideas are relevant to African contexts.

As she addressed her concerns, she posed thought-provoking questions:

“Why is it that certain communities are disproportionately represented among street children begging for food?”

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