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Why government plans to destroy sex toys in Nakuru

The government has issued a warning to the owners of sex toys and various other products stored at a warehouse in Nakuru, urging them to claim their goods or they will be destroyed.

According to gazette notice 5186, dated May 20, 2023, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has stated the goods must be claimed within 30 days, failing which they will be treated as abandoned items.

The notice, citing sections 42 and 248 of the East African Community Customs Management Act, 2004, notifies that if the mentioned goods are not retrieved from the custody of the Customs Warehouse

“Keeper in Eldoret, Nakuru, Lodwar, Lokichoggio, and Suam within 30 days of the notice, they will be deemed abandoned and disposed of through destruction or any other method directed by the Commissioner on May 22, 2022,” the notice reads in part.

The listed goods include sex toys, toy guns, artificial male sex organs, and various other items.

KRA announced this information through its official social media pages.

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Nakuru County stands out with a significant proportion of sex toys as per the announcement.

Other goods on the list are beers, sex cream, sex spray, used innerwear and handcuffs among others.

Sex toys have gained widespread popularity in the Kenyan market, being widely used for pleasure by individuals of all genders.

These items are readily available for purchase online and can also be found at various strategically located shops across the country.

Why some people use sex toys:

People use sex toys for various reasons, as they offer unique benefits and experiences.

Some individuals may use sex toys to enhance their solo sexual pleasure or explore different sensations and types of stimulation.

Sex toys can also be used to spice up and add variety to sexual activities with a partner, helping to increase intimacy and satisfaction.

Additionally, sex toys can be useful for individuals with specific sexual needs or preferences, as they can provide targeted stimulation or assist in overcoming certain challenges.

The decision to use sex toys is personal and based on individual desires, curiosity, and the pursuit of sexual well-being.

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