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Why Grand Mullah is puzzled by Rastafarian ruling

By Sylvania Ambani September 14th, 2019 2 min read

Nairobi lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi has pointed out inconsistencies in judiciary following yesterday’s court ruling in favour of a Olympic High School student who was expelled from the school for spotting dreadlocks.

In a Twitter post on Friday Mr Abdullahi pointed out that while the High Court allowed a Rastafarian to keep their dreadlocks and head gear in school, a Supreme Court judgment prohibited Muslim girls from wearing their religious head gear at school.

Mr Abdullahi was referring to a judgment in January this year where the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the Methodist Church of Kenya which sponsors St. Paul’s Kiwanjani Secondary School in Isiolo saying that every school has a right to determine its rules.

“The High Court allows Rastafarians to keep their dreadlocks in school. The Supreme Court PROHIBITS Muslim children to wear HIJAB…Kenya is a very unique Animal farm,” tweeted Ahmednassir Abdullahi.

Kenyans on twitter had their own opinion on what they thought about his sentiments and this is what they had to say.

“Kama kuna mtu anapenda kucomplain hii Nairobi ni wewe. There is no pleasing you aki ya nani,” said @ZuhuraAbu.

“Nobody can stop Reggae,” tweeted @ChwaWakili.

“Dreadlocks are part of the body, hijabs are not,” wrote @tosqih.

“We are moving the right way, soon hijab will be allowed,” commented @NicolaSirengo.

“Equality is guaranteed by the constitution no doubt but need to understand in matters schools, some schools were established in the early years on religious backgrounds teaching enforcing those values of their respective religions schools are run by PTAs & boards, let parents decide,” replied @MutichiloMike.

“I thought a senior counsel would be bright enough to distinguish between dreadlocks and Hijab! Interesting times of idiocy in Kenya,” said @kimsmann.