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Why Harmonize wants to end his 15-year contract with Wasafi

Bongo flava artiste Harmonize is set to become the second musician to ditch Diamond Platinumz’s record label WCB Wasafi.

Harmonize has already handed in a termination request to the WCB management asking to terminate his 15-year contract with the label with immediate effect.

After weeks of speculation about his exit, with rumours that he had a fallout with Diamond that saw him skip two Wasafi Festival Shows this year, WCB manager Sallam SK Mendes on Wednesday came out clean.

Appearing on Block 89 Wasafi Radio program, Sallam revealed that Harmonize had already tabled a letter requesting to leave the label.

Harmonize kwa sasa hivi ndani ya moyo wake haupo WCB. Harmonize kimakaratasi bado yupo WCB. Harmonize ameshatuma barua ya maombi ya kuvunja mkataba na yuko willing kupitia vipengele vyote vya sheria kuweza kuterminate mkataba wake,” Sallam revealed.


He added that they were happy with his honest move and would convene a meeting to come up with the modalities of how to go about it before making an official.

But even with Sallam’s revelation, many have been left wondering what could have prompted Harmonize to want out of a label that has helped him grow over the years from being a little known musician to a star.

According to a source who spoke to Nairobi News, a former employee with the label who is close to Harmonize, the singer feels he is being used by the label.

“Harmonize is grateful of the opportunities the label has created for him to a point that he has become the second most profitable artiste in the label after Diamond Platinumz. However, in the recent times, he has been investing a lot of his money into his music brand as compared to what was promised by the label. Hence, with all these solo efforts, he doesn’t see the need to continue honouring a contract which at the end of the day takes the biggest share because of the terms. In other words, it’s a lose-lose situation for him,” said the source.

Nairobi News also understands that Harmonize who has been with the label for four years now, signed a 15-year contract with WCB.

With his exit, he will be the second musician to leave after Rich Mavoko who barely completed two years of the 10-year contract he is believed to have signed with the label. At the time of his exit, Mavoko accused the label of exploitation.