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Why Huddah is unhappy with Wahu and Nameless

Socialite Huddah Monroe has accused celebrated music couple Wahu and Nameless for looking down on her.

Speaking during a media interview Huddah lamented how Kenyan celebrities especially Wahu and Nameless never took her seriously resulting to them denying her jobs to appear as a video vixen in their music videos.

“Celebrities in Kenya they were looking down on me, sana sana Nameless na Wahu. Wahu would say I can dance for her, but now she is the one looking for me to be in her music videos,” Huddah said.

The socialite has many times made headlines with fans questioning how she is able to sponsor her lavish lifestyle with no job. But she has always maintained that she make her money from her job as a real estate agent.

In 2016, she launched her cosmetics line, Huddah Cosmetics, which started with a few lipstick shades. As demand, especially from millennials grew, she increased the range to 11 shades, eye-shadow palettes and make-up wipes.

“The funny thing is that when I launched, I did not think they would do so well. First, because of my name and all the bad things that have been made up about me. But unbelievably, we were sold out 10 days after launching Huddah Cosmetics,” she said back then.