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Why I am responding to critics – Nameless pens his reasons

By Wangu Kanuri November 15th, 2022 2 min read

Veteran singer, David Mathenge alias Nameless, has been responding to critics who post mean comments about his family or himself on social media apps.

The keyboard warriors who result in taking jabs at the singer have been given a taste of their own medicine, with the Inspire hitmaker boldly defending the people he loves. This all began when he sired his third born, a daughter, when comments like he needed to get a boy sufficed.

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However, in another of his posts, a fan shared, “I like actually love how Nameless weeds out ignorant comments and makes it into a teachable moment.”

This comment led the This Love hitmaker to detail his actions. “I love it when I see people understand why I do some things… I know many wonders why I have recently started replying to some negative bullying comments on my page… It’s not that they have started bothering me now.”

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He continued, “I have been a public figure for so long and have always dealt with some level of bullying and hate. Actually, that’s the reason me and E-sir did Boomba and Maisha in 2003. So I kind of developed an understanding that not everyone will show you love….and that’s life.”

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Noting that he once in a while responds to an ignorant or annoying comment is to use it as a teachable moment.

Nameless performs on stage during the Kenya @ 55 Sherehe Festival at the Nairobi Railways Grounds on December 11, 2018. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU
Nameless performs onstage during Kenya @ 55 Sherehe Festival at the Nairobi Railways Grounds on December 11, 2018. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

Nameless added, “I feel we really need to discourage cyberbullying and encourage compassion and wisdom in society because if we don’t try to reduce negative energy on socials, it will be very hard for people, you, me, and even our kids to thrive and get the real benefits of social media…

It will limit people from realizing their full potential because of fear. So once in a while, you may see me weed out an ignorant comment on my page and use it to encourage compassion, wisdom, and positivity.”

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