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Why I caused drama at Samidoh’s show – Karen Nyamu speaks

By Beth Nyambura December 17th, 2022 2 min read

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has spoken out hours after her much-publicized commotion at Samidoh’s Dubai show on December 16, 2022. Ms Nyamu says she was under the influence of alcohol when the incident happened.

In a live session this morning from Dubai, Karen said she doesn’t know what happened but blamed alcohol as the main reason for the incident.

She said she woke up only to find herself trending on all social media platforms. She has now vowed to quit alcohol in 2023.

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“I was drunk. Pray for me guys. If this love will make me look like a mad person, I need prayers aki,” she said.

Karen also revealed that she had spent the day with Samidoh but the drama only happened when his wife showed up.

“You sleep and wake up with someone, then in the evening inakua (it ends up being a) drama,” she said, asking Samidoh to man up.

“If you are a man, even if you are married know how to balance. But I have quit alcohol. 2023 no alcohol is one of my resolutions,” she said.

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A fan told her to behave like a side chick and she said sometimes she forgot to stay in her lane. She said she did not know in Dubai she had to show her license before jumping on stage.

“When I am drunk. I did not know you have to get a license when going on stage. I am not leaving him. We must raise these kids together.”

During the incident, Ms Nyamu and Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu almost fought during the singer’s last show before he returns to Kenya. The show happened last night with hundreds of Kenyans attending.

A video circulating online shows Ms Nyamu and the couple having a confrontation. Drama started when Ms Nyamu, who has two children with Samidoh, went to the table where the Mugithi singer was seated with his wife and forcefully sat on his lap.

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Minutes later, Ms Nyamu seems to have lost her cool and almost slapped her baby daddy when the bouncers restrained her.

Ms Nderitu reacts and attempts to grab Ms Nyamu and peel her away from her husband. It is at this point that the senator was pulled away and taken outside to defuse the situation.

The situation deteriorated into a push-a-shove match with Karen being whisked off by security guys and Samidoh stuck by the wife’s side.

In her live video, Karen said she doesn’t fight as she is a coward.

“I was surprised that Edday overreacted yet I didn’t fight. I don’t fight. I am a coward.”

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