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Why I did not attend Nandy’s wedding – Zuchu

Tanzanian singer Zuchu has, for the first time, revealed why she did not attend fellow singer Nandy’s wedding even though she was invited.

During an interview with Wasafi Media, Zuchu says although she was working, she spoke to Nandy on her wedding day and sent her an apology for not attending the wedding.

The two Bongo music songstresses have always been thought to have beef. Zuchu denied the claims revealing that they are very good pals.

“Mara ya mwisho nimezungumza naye ilikuwa siku ya harusi yake. (The last time we spoke was during her wedding day),” Zuchu explained.

“Aliniomba niende kwenye harusi yake lakini nilikua na vimeo nikamwambia sitoweza kuhudhuria. (She requested me to attend her wedding but I had prior engagements that I couldn’t get out of).”

Zuchu continued, “Lakini baada ya harusi yake nikampongeza nikamwambia ‘Ndugu yangu umeweza umeolewa’? (However, after her wedding ceremony, I called and congratulated her on her nuptials.)”

According to Zuchu, what Nandy has achieved is a dream for many female artists.

“Wewe ni msani wa kike, hapo ulipo una mimba na umeolewa, that is the dream 

(As a female entertainer, attaining what you have is a dream. You have a child on the way and you are married),” Zuchu added.

Nandy walked down the aisle with her long-term lover and fellow artiste Bill Nas on Saturday, July 16, at the KKKT Church in Mbezi Beach Dar es salaam.

The Sukari hitmaker also refuted claims of having beef with singer Nandy.

Zuchu says the industry has tried to pit them against each other, but they are still on good terms.

“We are good. I don’t have a problem with you. I think if you are an artist and want to put to heart the competition, then everyone will be your enemy. The cake is big, everyone should take their piece,” she told Wasafi Media.


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