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Why I quit social media – Xtian Dela

Content creator Aurther Mandela, better known as Xtian Dela, has cited betrayal as his reason for quitting social media.

In a response to a curious fan, the blogger opened up about how his accounts were reported and later restricted for usage.

“It died with my other Instagram account that you ungrateful people reported for doing ‘hurtful personal’ stories,” he explained.

“I retired from that and anything to do with the public and people on social media. I am focusing on personal business now. Life does not just revolve around social media.”

He also suggested his intention to hand over the baton.

“There are plenty of content creators who you can share your problems with, they are making a living helping people just like you by posting your stories and clouting.”

A few months back, Xtian Dela had his Instagram account flagged by the social media management over a breach of its community guidelines.

Through his new account, @Morextiandela, Dela said his account was suspended after more than 1,000 of his stories were regarded as ‘bullying’.

Dela rans a series dubbed ‘Toboa (expose)’ through the deleted account, where he highlighted confessions by young people on their sexual expeditions.

The blogger, however, did not seem surprised by Instagram’s action saying his account had been reported severally and that he was already prepared for the flagging.

In a post on his new account, Dela observed that his Toboa format had surpassed his expectations to become a movement.

“Yes! We are down but never out! #TOBOA has grown beyond me. It’s a movement that can never be silenced,” his post read.

This, however, was not the first time Dela found himself on the spot over the nature of the content he shares. In 2020, at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dela was sued by three parents over the distribution of obscene content.

At the time, he was hosting an adult show dubbed Club Covid where girls would twerk and get paid. The show ran between 12:00 am and 4:00 am.