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Avril: Why I snubbed Naiboi’s invite to feature in ‘2 in 1’ video

By THOMAS MATIKO January 24th, 2019 1 min read

Singer Avril has finally revealed why she turned down Naiboi’s request to feature in his hit song ‘2 In 1’ video.

She disclosed that she refused to feature in the video because she ‘just did not want to work with him’.

Avril was forced to respond after accepting to appear on Otile Brown’s new video ‘Kenyan Girl’.

Avril has been busy drumming support for the ‘Kenyan Girl’ song on her social media, something that got the attention of several of her fans who wondered why she couldn’t do the same for Naiboi.

“Watched and you all rocked! But you refused to do 2 in 1 challenge yet Naiboi requested you to,” a fan by the username Josephine Lenah posed.

Responding, M’s mum as Avril likes to refer to herself since giving birth to her baby boy, explained herself saying; “Yes I couldn’t was unfortunately in hospital. Didn’t feel like getting into it with him. Let people do what they gotta do”

After ‘2 In 1’ turned out to be a hit song, Naiboi appeared in several interviews where he blasted Avril and Victoria Kimani for snubbing him.

Naiboi claimed he sent his request to Avril on Whataspp and the response he received was blue ticks.