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Why I’m still single – Boutross Munene reveals

Fast-rising Kenyan artiste Boutross Munene has, in a recent interview opened up about the reason he is still single despite having a flood of women at his beck and call. 

Speaking to comedian Oga Obinna, Boutross said that being in a relationship at the moment proves to be a challenge for him, bearing the fact that he’s in the rap music industry. 

“Sometimes relationships in this circle of ours is just too much. Everyone needs love sometimes, it’s just that I’m around too many women. The last relationship I was in I was scolded a lot because I was taking many photos with women, she didn’t want me to be touched or even take photos,” said Boutross. 

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The young rapper cum producer expressed that he would not want to be in a position where he had to explain himself to someone unless need be. 

“I don’t want to be in a situation where I have to keep explaining why I’m doing what I’m doing, at least until I feel like that moment has come. But as of now, I am in between beats and hit songs,” he said.

Boutross went on to talk about the making of his latest hit song ‘Angela’, which is off his EP dubbed ‘Mawingu’ saying that it’s a product of boredom and chance. 

“I was in the studio alone this one time listening to beats, and just randomly I heard a beat that caught my attention. I was just on my phone, and when I heard that beat I started to roll with it. I started writing lyrics to that single beat until I couldn’t write anymore so I went home,” he recalled.

He further revealed that it was only after a few days that he was able to revisit the composition he had made in the studio, at which point the song took its own natural flow.

“A few days later, I tapped into the vibe I had that day again, and the rest of the song started flowing. The small part I had written while in studio inspired me to write the song,” he revealed. 

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Boutross released his newest EP ‘Mawingu’ last year, fast gaining traction with one of his tracks dubbed ‘Angela’ featuring Juicee Mann. The eight-track EP features a unique blend of traditional African music with modern electronic production.

According to the singer, the EP’s title is symbolic of his road to success, describing it as a way of letting his fans know that he is not yet at the point in the musical success he wants to be. 

“I wanted to bring back the idea of spaceman in order to let people know that I am not yet on earth. I am still in the clouds, meaning I am still coming. Until you see the album is when I will be touching ground,” said Boutross.

His tracks explore a range of genres, from reggae and afrobeat to hip-hop. With its infectious beats and energetic rhythms, Mawingu EP has surely hit the ground running in the Kenyan music scene.

The hit song ‘Angela’ currently boasts 1.6 million views on YouTube, a number gained in less than a month.

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