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Why is the steering of my Toyota Sienta hard?

April 12th, 2014 1 min read

Dear Neto,

I drive a 2010 Toyota Sienta which has racked up about 32,000kms. The steering has become very hard yet I consider the vehicle to be relatively new for such problems. What could be happening?



Dear Lamek,

The fact that your vehicle is relatively new does not spare it from mechanical failures.

If that was that the case, we wouldn’t have warranties from dealers.

A few manageable issues could be ailing you car such as low power steering fluid which you can top up at any service station.

It could be a loose or worn out power steering belt which can be tightened or replaced.

It can be a bad power steering pump whose pressure can be checked, or a leaking steering rack which would likely soak the areas around it with steering fluid.

Get the car to a repair shop as these are all possible reasons why you have problems with the steering wheel.

Be warned that an unresponsive steering makes your vehicle difficult to control and poses potential traffic dangers.


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