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Why is there garbage everywhere in Nairobi?

One of the first pledges made by the first Governor of Nairobi Dr Evans Kidero upon assuming office was that of cleaning up the city. Two years down the line, Dr Kidero seems to be losing the fight to garbage and filth that threatens to submerge the City in the Sun.

Last year, the Dr Kidero unveiled new garbage collection trucks and wheel loaders to boost the city’s capacity to handle solid waste. However, city residents are yet to enjoy the fruits of the governor’s efforts.

Pile upon pile of garbage have become an eyesore along major roads in the city, particularly Jogoo Road, Thika Road and the labyrinth of streets in Eastleigh.

A trader in Eastleigh said the reason why they are dumping garbage on the newly constructed road is because before the construction of the road they had some space to throw the garbage.

“But after the road was made a dual carriage road the only option we are left with is to throw them in between the barriers constructed to separate the roads and hope the County Government will collect them because they have refused to provide us with disposal bins,” said one trader in Eastleigh.


Along Jogoo Road, the story is the same with traders now appealing to the county government to provide disposal bins for them.

Along the Thika Super Highway – especially at the Githurai area – garbage has spilled to the road and hasn’t been picked for weeks.

One trader who sells his wares nearby said that they had no other option but to dump it there.

Ironically, upon election Dr. Kidero committed to maintaining a highly efficient waste collection and disposal system so as to deal with large volumes of waste in the county while upholding high standards of public hygiene.

One resident wondered aloud how they can keep Nairobi clean yet the county government isn’t providing bins for the residents to stop littering everywhere.

Sometime last year the Governor introduced County monthly clean-up initiative saying that everyone had an important role to play in keeping Nairobi clean. One wonders what became of the initiative.