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Why it costs 700K: All about Akothee’s bespoke designer wedding dress

Kenyan musician Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, on Thursday flew in her wedding gown to Kenya on a first class seat aboard a Kenya Airways.

She captured moments with the covered gown belted in to the seat, having air hostesses both abroad and in Kenya helping her carry the dress and even holding interviews where she claimed that the dress cost more than many people’s dream cars.

“Mummy is back with her gown. I flew alone because Omosh insisted to to see the gown, our matron aunty Betty almost killed me “Akothee kik Omondi nee gown no (Akothee don’t let Omondi see that gown),” Akothee said on social media.

The Kenyan songbird and her Caucasian boyfriend’s wedding is set to take place in 9 days time with actress Sandra Dacha planning the much awaited affair.

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According to Akothee, she bought the gown from Mery’s Couture, a Switzerland based clothing brand that specializes in bridal, men and women’s fashion. For their bridal looks, Mery’s Couture claim to produce the most beautiful wedding dresses in all of Switzerland.

According to their official website, they have several wedding gown styles, each with an identifier name including Goldie, Brautkleid Georgia, Galina, Gina, Grazia, Gretel, Fairy, Finia, Belanna and Adrianna among tens of others.

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The prices of the wedding gowns vary, depending on if they are ‘ready-to-wear’ creations, have embroidered lace and flowing fabrics or if they have to be made according to a bride’s specific desires- Haute Couture Atelier.

For the ready to wear dresses, they can cost up to Sh186,952. For the embroidered lace and flowing fabrics, the price can shoot up to Sh359,412; and for the Haute Couture Atelier, the price can go as high as Sh405, 788.

Akothee’s dress, therefore, is a Haute Couture Atelier gown if her claims that she paid Sh700,000 for it are true. The gown is believed to be an Autumn white lace fishtail dress with Swarovski crystals. She also shelled out tens of thousands of shillings for her bridal veil.

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