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Why Itumbi, Pauline Njoroge are being heckled on Twitter

Kenyans on Twitter have called out two pro-Jubilee bloggers over their congratulatory message to newly elected  Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

State House Secretary of Digital Communication Dennis Itumbi and Nepad/APRM Kenya Secretariat communication officer Pauline Njoroge have been bashed for “hypocrisy” for congratulating the former refugee at Dadaab camp.

Tweeps fished out the duo’s old tweets in which they had fiercely supported for the shutdown of Dadaab refugee camp.


Ms Njoroge had in May 2016 called for the camp’s shutdown saying the refugees were a financial and security burden to Kenya.

Mr Itumbi on his part had on his account news that Kenya had given UNHCR a three-month notice to relocate Dadaab camp.

Their previous tweets and recent ones congratulating Congresswoman Ilhan were paraded and the two called out.

Tweeps spewed bile  by accusing them of being hypocritical.

@adungoikol while replying to @paulinenjoroge wrote; “Such hypocrisy. Weren’t you the ones driving the anti Somali narrative when Somalis were being rounded up and put in concentration camps? The internet doesn’t forget!”

@AM_Justus in reply to Itumbi attached the old tweet and wrote, “pls take time to remember what you said about them 4 years ago. Internet never forgets.”

@Emir_of_Mombasa while retweeting Itumbi wrote, “Hahahahahaha…Man Hypocrisy will Kill us..The same guy that supported rounding up of Somalis in Nairobi and putting them on a plane to Mogadishu without hearing.”

@CMwabili tweeted, “There’s one Dennis Itumbi who just recently was in full support and unapologetic of Somali Concentration Camp in kasarani. Today he was all over in full praise of Ilhan Omar!”