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Why Jalang’o fired his YouTube channel staff

Lang’ata Member of Parliament, Phelix Odiwuor, who is popularly known as Jalang’o, has taken a significant step in reshaping his YouTube channel.

The comedian-turned politician fired two presenters whom he had entrusted with the opportunity of managing the channel.

In a recent episode of Jalang’o TV, the lawmaker introduced a new team of employees while expressing his disappointment with the previous presenters’ lack of dedication.

Jalas, as he is also referred to in entertainment circles, revealed the former presenters had deviated from their responsibilities and engaged in partying instead of focusing on their work, despite the channel’s established reputation.

“The boys started playing around yet the channel needed to generate money. The channel currently generates a mediocre income yet it used to make millions,” Jalas expressed his frustration.

Realizing the need for change, Jalang’o unveiled a new CEO who would assume leadership and help revitalize the channel.

To ensure smooth operations and enhance the quality of content, the MP disclosed that he had invested in new equipment, including a camera, tripod, and a new microphone specifically for interviews.

The intention is to provide a more professional and engaging experience for the viewers.

Jalang’o also introduced two presenters who would be responsible for conducting interviews and providing entertainment on the channel.

He highlighted that they had received formal training in media, which would be an added advantage in their roles.

When discussing the remuneration for the new team, Jalang’o made it clear that payment would be based on the channel’s revenue generation.

As per his plan, he intends to take 50 percent of the monthly earnings, while the remaining 50 percent would be allocated to the CEO and presenters.

The lawmaker emphasized his honesty and expressed confidence in the channel’s ability to generate one million Kenyan Shillings every month.

Jalang’o reiterated that since he initiated the channel, he would not be using his personal funds to pay the team.

Instead, their compensation would be dependent on the channel’s growth and their efforts in attracting a larger audience and generating more revenue.

After negotiating, Jalang’o eventually agreed to pay the new team for the first month.

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However, he made it clear that going forward, their income would be contingent on the channel’s success and their dedication to their roles.

Jalang’os YouTube channel has over 600k subscribers.