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Why Jalang’o was better off as a comedian than a politician

Having built a brand around comedy for the better part of his career, a full-time politician, Jalang’o (Phelix Odiwour), is seemingly finding trouble blending in with his political comrades while still holding on to his audience. 

I have been in circles where Jalas was the topic of discussion, and not many people resonate with this prim and perfect side of the new politician in town. Before you come out all guns blazing at me, hear me out.

We have long known Jalas as the funnyman with a charismatic personality that always captured audiences with laughter, and his career was soaring even before he decided to venture into radio. But when he joined radio, he still had a way with the masses by channeling his comedic side into presenting. 

However, when he joined politics, the funny and enigmatic Jalas we once knew was soon forgotten. His public persona quickly changed and his audience no longer resonated with him the same as before. 

Is he forever done with comedy? The one thing that catapulted him to stardom? Is politician Jalang’o the version of him we should now and forever get accustomed to? 

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They say politics is a dirty game, and it looks like the renowned comedian has had his name dragged in the mud already. His political journey has only just begun, and it’s evident how the snares of the political arena have had him in a chokehold, with netizens criticizing his every move and caption. 

Barely a month ago, the first-term MP again found himself at the center of controversy due to a comment he made on Instagram. 

In what initially seemed like a harmless expression of his aspirations, Jalang’o’s post received backlash after it was shared by another social media account.

The Instagram post in question read, “Range Rover 2022, eeishh you are in my mind, I can’t sleep. I will get you someday Inshallah! My day is done. I have manifested. Now let me go and hustle.”

Netizens were quick to criticize the young MP, asserting that he couldn’t afford such a luxurious car on his parliamentary salary, implying that there might be other undisclosed sources of income involved.

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In response to the public’s criticism, Jalang’o explained that he indeed cannot afford the car with his current salary.

He clarified that he didn’t join politics to amass wealth, emphasizing that working in government is often seen as a curse, with everyone assuming that politicians are thieves.

He drew an analogy, likening a politician’s situation to that of a woman who wakes up in the morning to go to work but is accused of having a man who pays for her expenses.

Jalang’o asserted that entering politics with the sole intention of making money is a recipe for disappointment unless one is fortunate enough to secure lucrative government tenders.

“Kufanya kazi Government inakaa ni curse kubwa saana! Immediately you get in everybody sees you as a thief! Ni kama dame anammka asubuhi anafanya job lakini anaambiwa kuna mbaba analipia! “If you get into politics to make money uta sota mbaya unless you are lucky upate those big tenders za government which ndio upate wee!,” he wrote.

Could Jalang’o be backing up the wrong career tree? Did comedy do him way more justice than politics? 

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