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Why Janet Mbugua was rushed to hospital days after childbirth – VIDEO

Former Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua has detailed her childbirth journey that saw her rushed back to hospital for two more surgeries, days after she had delivered through Caesarean Section.

Mbugua has been reliving her childbirth journey on her YouTube channel.

In her latest video, she narrated how within hours of being discharged she developed sharp pains and a high fever that led to her re-admission.

While at the hospital, her symptoms worsened to include jaundice and excruciating pain that no painkillers could subdue.

The mother of two underwent tests and was found with gallstones in her digestive system.

She was immediately scheduled for two procedures, one to remove the gallstones and decompress the gallbladder, and the other to remove the organ.


“Two different doctors did the two procedures and said both went well. They told me to rest a lot and gave me pressure socks to prevent blood clots and they told me to keep them on for two weeks and when able move around the house even as I rest,” she said.

She was discharged and tried being a “ninja mom”, but her family hired a home nurse to assist with the new born as she recovered.

“It’s not that you are a bad mom or lazy, it’s that when you’ve gone through a procedure like mine or worse you need to rest, it’s as simple as that,” she said.

Mbugua’s family has a history of gallstones. She adviced Kenyans to go for checkups when they experience pains because gallstones can affect other digestive organs.