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Why Kalekye Mumo is dreading meeting family over Christmas

Former radio host Kalekye Mumo has revealed that she dreads facing her family during the coming December holidays.

In a tweet, Kalekye – who is in her forties – lamented at the unease of explaining herself to relatives who ask ‘when will she be getting married’.

Kalekye explained that one of the reasons some women to get married nowadays is because they just do not want to marry anyone since it is a ‘forever decision’.

Further, it is God’s plan and not a woman’s plan.

On her Twitter, account she invited her fans to suggest the answer she should give this year.

“Ooh man it’s December again and that “Utaolewa lini” question is about to be up in my face over the holidays. Why can’t people get that 1st women don’t just want to marry ANYONE it’s a forever decision and 2nd it’s God’s plan not mine. Anyway what answer should I give this year?” asked Kalekye Mumo.

The veteran radio host has always maintained a low profile on her dating life.

Often times questions of her relationship status have arisen but she has always managed to silence the nosy fans with a humorous response.