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Why Kenya needs to hire Taylor Swift to promote tourism

We have tried and sometimes succeeded in marketing Kenya as a tourist destination; on other occasions our efforts have been frustrated by those very same people that we reach out to – remember the ‘hotbed’ of terror issue?

But perhaps its high time Kenya took advantage of music videos produced around the globe. Take for example pop queen Taylor Swift’s latest single Wildest Dream, whose video looks like some location in the scenic Rift Valley.

Although the song has received a lot of criticism from American media for not having Africans in it, it could still work well for Kenya.

The video of the single looks like a shot from the award-winning movie Out of Africa. Interestingly, Taylor chose to donate all of her proceeds from this video to the African Park Foundation to preserve the endangered animals of the continent.

The Kenyan tourism sector could benefit a great deal by embracing the effort of celebrities such as Taylor to market the country as a tourist destination; we can all appreciate the dollar as the shillings is losing in the world market.