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Why Kenyan bishops will pray at Jamia Mosque this Friday

By MERCY NJOKI September 17th, 2015 1 min read

Top church leaders are expected to be part of the congregation during a historic prayer session at Jamia Mosque in Nairobi on Friday.

Mr Abu Ayma, who is in charge of the media at the mosque, told Nairobi News the event aimed at fostering cooperation, cohesion and tolerance between Muslims and Christians.

“This is because there has been a lot of infighting between the two religions and we want to come together and preach peace,” Ayma said.

He could, however, not provide a list of the bishops expected at the event, which has been planned to coincide with the International Day of Peace.

“The best way to celebrate this day is to engage in activities that promote peace and togetherness,” Mr Ayma added.


This interfaith event has been organized by the Inter- religious Council of Kenya and will start at 11:30am.

The Christian Priests in attendance will first be taken around the Mosque and they will get to learn  a few things regarding Islam.

“We will allow them to come with their clergy attire but they will have to remove shoes when getting inside the mosque. Generally, it will be a day to showing togetherness despite our religious differences,” said Abu.

Mr Ayma added that they have invited all the Bishops from all the Churches in the Country and they are prepared for a huge turnout.