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Why Kenyan youth are vulnerable targets for scammers

While the older generation understands the value of hard work, discipline, and consistency, the younger generation seems to have a different perspective.

Many eagerly anticipate achieving success without a solid plan or putting in the effort; they want success without breaking a sweat.

Many eagerly desire the soft life of traveling and living lavishly quickly.

The idea of long term or delayed gratification is old fashion, many of their role models are celebrities who appear to be spending money while living a soft life.

Scammers have honed their tactics to exploit young people’s limited financial resources, and the situation is even worse for job seekers.

The Desperation to find better opportunities has caused a lot of pain to many families, some have fallen victim to fake organizations offering false promises.

In 2022, agitated youth protested at the County Commissioner’s office in Eldoret, demanding their money back from First Choice Recruitment and Consultancy Agency.

The agency had promised them World Cup-related jobs in Qatar, such as cleaners, receptionists, and cashiers. Earlier this year, the same agency faced similar allegations.

Unemployment and the desperation to do well in life has pushed many young people to seek alternatives, which often turn out to be detrimental.

They have become victims of various online scammers who promise to multiply their investments or offer quick-get-rich schemes, leaving many feeling depressed.

Furthermore, some have lost money pursuing trading in the world markets with digital currencies, leading to tears and regret.

Additionally, the allure of quick offers from fake online shops has compromised the discernment ability of many young minds, making them more susceptible to scams.

Recently, thousands of young people flocked to Quickmart Supermarket to scan their iris in hopes of receiving 7,000 world coins, a digital currency.

Many are not even familiar with how it works, but the promise of free money enticed them to participate.

To address these issues, the government should implement measures to enhance financial and investment literacy among young people, safeguarding them from falling victim to scams and ultimately securing the future of the country’s youth.

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