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Why Kenyans are furious with Kenya Navy

By Keshi Ndirangu December 27th, 2019 2 min read

Kenyans on Friday expressed deep anger against the Kenyan Navy after fishermen who were lost in the deep sea for 17 days claimed navy officers refused to rescue them.

On Thursday after they were rescued, Malik Mbwana the captain of the boat to Citizen TV that on the 9th day in the sea, they saw a team of navy soldiers patrolling the sea and asked for help including water to drink, but the navy allegedly refused to help them.

They fishermen were only rescued after their boat was drafted to Ngomeni village. They were rescued by villagers.

Their story, which was first aired on Citizen TV elicited angry reactions making Kenya Navy a trending top on Friday.

Here is what Kenyans thought about Kenya Navy.

@SuzannaOwiyo tweeted, “Kenya Navy hawana utu. How do you abandon fellow citizens in the deep seas even after begging for water to quench their thirst! I’m glad that the four fishermen survived the harsh condition they underwent. Ni Mungu tu. I wonder what criteria is used to recruit these empty heads!”

“Kenya Navy neglected their fellow Kenyans in distress not for an hour or two. For a freaking 17 days in the middle of nowhere. Enyewe sisi kama Kenya ni Mungu anatulinda. Yaaaani!!!!!!! Taxes,” commented @Aketch_Aketch.

“Don’t give us that Kosokoso of Kenya Navy following orders. Do you need orders to give someone a bottle of water? You people should stop defending those incompetent Kenya Navy folks. They had a chance to redeem themselves after the Likoni drama but now I see why they failed,” added @BravinYuri

“This Kenya Navy is twisted. Even if the fishermen weren’t Kenyan, they ought to have given help. Humanity first,” @KeMutiso posted.

“Any response from @SpokespersonGoK or @kdfinfo on this? Shocking that Kenya Navy personnel would refuse to aid people adrift at sea,” tweeted @gathara.

@mzaziwillytuva said: “Leaving someone to die in the sea when you have the capacity to help a fellow Kenyan is a big disappointment. Inaumiza sana. Glory be to God for saving them. Mwenyezi Mungu haachi mja wake anayemuamini na kumtegemea. I would love to hear Kenya Navy’s side of the story.”