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Why Kenyans in Australia are sending their delinquent children back home

By Amina Wako December 29th, 2019 1 min read

Kenyans living in Australia are among Africans who are sending their children back home so they can be taught discipline.

A report published by Daily Mail in the UK revealed that the children involve themselves in gang violence leaving the parents with no option but to send them back home.

Ms Achol Maria, the South Sudanese Community Association chairwoman revealed that the children are so indisciplined and the only way out was to send them back home.

“Families from South Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda living in the UK are sending their kids back home so as they learn how to be disciplined and the Kenyan culture,” she said.

Similar to time out, the parents have resorted to enrolling the children in boarding schools here in Kenya under the care of their grandparents.

Ms Maria noted that the rate of Africans who were joining gangs in Melbourne, Australia was high and was worrying parents.

She said that the children are allowed back to Australia by their parents when they are joining university or after they clear school and are looking for jobs.

“Things are stricter back home. There is no drinking or substance abuse, the schools are quite harsh. The kids have to perform well,” she said.