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Why Kikuyu women crush on Maina Kageni – Politician Ann Wamuratha

Kiambu women’s representative Ann Wamuratha has revealed why Kikuyu women are crushing on veteran radio presenter Maina Kageni.

Speaking at a wedding she attended, Wamuratha suggested that Kikuyu men are not romantic even though women want to be pampered and showered with love and romance.

Speaking in the local dialect, Wamuratha made the observation and gave advice to the newlyweds she had attended their wedding, saying that Kikuyu men do not compliment their wives.

“Even my own husband, a pastor, cannot even tell me that I am smart. I will dress up nicely and ask him ‘I am not smart’ and he will reply ‘Where?’,” she said.

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She then explained: “And that is why you see so many Kikuyu women loving Maina Kageni even though he is unmarried. The reason is that Maina tells women what they want to hear. A woman will call him and he will respond, ‘Talk to me darling’ and many women will be swept away”.

Imitating the media personality, Wamuratha continued, “The woman will tell her story and Maina will reply, ‘You mean he can do that, darling’. With these sweet names during the conversation and then the harsh reality of how she is referred to at home, these women will never spend time at home.”

The Classic FM presenter has always been an advocate for women, and was always encouraged to run for the women’s representative seat in 2017 – despite his gender.

Though the constitution stipulates that the seat can only be occupied by a woman, Maina made the tongue-in-cheek announcement that he would be contesting as an independent candidate.

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“It’s no longer a secret. I’m on the ballot and my symbol is a smart weave (made of 100% human hair). The women of Nairobi deserve the best! Come out and vote in large numbers,” he wrote.

Although he still gives his two cents to women in relationships, Maina said he has no plans to get married, noting that marriage is not for everyone.

Speaking to Jalang’o, Maina said he doesn’t like the commitment that comes with marriage as men are always trying to impress their partners, something he doesn’t subscribe to.

“Mimi ni mtu wa freedom… sai tuseme Corona imeisha na niamka nasema (‘I am a person who loves my freedom… now let’s say the pandemic is over and I wake up and say’) I want to be in the US in two weeks na ninaenda. Do you think you can do that if you are married? You have to ask your wife and that’s what I have a problem with,” he said.

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