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Why Kindiki transferred Sondu security team ahead of Ruto’s visit

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has issued instructions for the transfer of all top police heads in Sondu, following recent ethnic clashes that have resulted in the deaths of about a dozen people in the area.

Sondu is a town situated on the border of Kisumu and Kericho, and Professor Kindiki, in a statement, specified the transfers will affect police leaders on both sides of the border.

“It has been decided to transfer all local top security leaders on both sides of the border and other security and public officers whose lack of effectiveness, impartiality, and/or competence is believed to have contributed to the success of the criminals,” the CS announced in a statement on October 5, 2023.

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He shared this statement via his official Facebook page.

The recent ethnic clashes, which erupted for a second time on October 3, 2023, left three dead and numerous others injured.

Reportedly, five individuals, comprising four males and one female, are currently receiving treatment for arrow injuries at Nyabondo Mission Hospital.

To quell the unrest, CS Kindiki revealed a contingent of security officers had been dispatched to the area ahead of President William Ruto’s visit to neighbouring Kisumu.

“This evening, the Government has deployed a contingent of specialist security personnel to contain the escalation of violent crime in Sondu Town and its environs,” the CS disclosed.

Kindiki warned that the government will not tolerate further clashes and is committed to restoring peace and normalcy.

“Lives have been lost, property has been destroyed, and civil order has been severely disrupted over the past two days. The special deployment will be jointly supervised by the Rift Valley and Nyanza regional security teams, with strict instructions to ensure the immediate return to normalcy,” Professor Kindiki stated.

He emphasized that those found responsible for inciting and participating in the clashes will be apprehended and face legal charges.

“Every individual involved in the horrific crimes committed against the people of Sondu Town and its environs will be held accountable.”

Sondu has a history of ethnic clashes, with the recent outbreak allegedly triggered by the killing of a person attempting to steal cattle from the Kisumu side.​