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Why Kitany chose to skip the funeral of her ‘father-in-law’

By Amina Wako September 18th, 2019 1 min read

Maryanne Kitany, missed the burial of Senator Mithika Linturi’s father, on Tuesday in Meru for fear of being publicly humiliated at the ceremony, Nairobi News understands.

The former chief of staff in the Office of the Deputy President had initially indicated that she would attend the ceremony even as messy divorce between her and the senator continues unfold in court,

On Monday September 16, Kitany even asked the court to adjourn the case to allow her to attend her “father-in-law’s” burial, according to the African traditions.

“The burial of my client’s father in law is tomorrow (Tuesday) and I do confirm that my client will attend the funeral. We have done all arrangements to attend and give the Late Linturi the respect he deserves as a father in law,” Kitany’s lawyer Dunstan Omari told journalists.

But it has now emerged that Kitany abruptly changed her mind while on her way to the burial of Mzee Peter Linturi at his Igembe South home, when she learnt of plan to oust her from the venue.

Her instinct might have been right given that the Linturi family made no mention of her in the burial programme.


Her name was missing from a list of family members printed on the funeral programme.

This despite her claims that she tied the knot with the politician in April 2016 and has also consistently visited the home.

The senator’s wife, Mercy Kaimenyi, was listed as the daughter-in-law of the Meru Senator’s late father.

Linturi’s father died two weeks ago when Kitany was still giving her evidence in court about their said ‘marriage’.

Linturi’s lawyer told the court that his client’s father died of shock after finding out that his house had been built by a woman.